Clothed, the choreography would have made no great impact. Unclothed, however, the intimacy was often astonishing.

On “nakedness” in dance. The New York Times.

(Source: The New York Times)

Robert Swinston, former director of choreography for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, recalled the MCDC’s final performance during Merce’s life, which took place at the Ted Shawn Theater. Just moments before the show and hours before he died peacefully in his New York apartment, Merce had told the company, via Skype, ‘Remember why you dance.’

Siobhan Burke’s excellent review of “From the Horse’s Mouth” at Jacob’s Pillow in Dance Magazine

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In rehearsal. Figuring things out. Because we have a month left to do so.

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"So, of course, it's not going to make sense. And, of course, it makes sense."

dancers really are a different breed

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"If a really prestigious university could get a big enough research grant, they could do an epic study of artistic collaboration, and probably prove that it’s impossible."

"Dance critics must be generalists. In the field of music; there are specialists in pop, opera, and everything in between, and they tend not to cross lines. Dance critics are expected to be able to review hip-hop to Odissi to ballet, but it's a bit of denial to assume they're equipped to do so. At least responsibly. But in a shrinking field covering an impoverished art form, we don't have the luxury of specialists."

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Reading about 20-somethings, drinking from a 20-something mug and prepping for rehearsal for a 20-something’s dance. Excellent. (Taken with instagram)

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by Joseph Herscher


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